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                                                                     This is the thought that occupied our minds as we started this ministry. As we pondered the present and the future, we questioned what is the correct path to take, what is the purpose of our existence, what is the destination of our short life here on this earth. Do we just continue living for ourselves, or is there a higher calling, higher road and how can we find it.


Dealing with tragedy and loss, and navigating through many life altering issues, our end summary of all the search for the truth and the high goal of life is summed in one sentence:





The Gospel is the power of God for salvation. This is what must become the goal of our life not for ourselves only but for every being we meet and communicate with. Because the Son of God died for humanity, he commissioned us as well to follow him to help others on their road to life fulfilled with Christ. Our goal is to remain balanced so that, through the practical application of God’s Word, our message will bring guidance and hope to those who are trying to find their path.

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