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Wenzel is the type of guy who knows  pretty much anything about everything.

From producing, filming to video editing and Building and everything in between he is the guy you want to have around if things need to get done. You would thing age would slow him down but its quite the opposite, the guy just keeps on ticking like a watch with plenty of stories to tell from the good old days. Things never get boring with him.


Dagmar is doing all the paper work nobody wants to do and if it weren't for her there would be very little visible, be it the website, content, speaker arrangements projects or outreach. She keeps things interesting and makes sure the machine keeps flowing smoothly along and if there is a bump in the road she is not affright to take a swing at it and overcome the obstacles in the path, trusting in prayer she knows where to seek  help if there is a roadblock along the way.


Robert is helping everywhere and is truly jack of all trades and master of none, which can be frustrating at times to try to focus on one thing and get projects done, if something is late or not working you probably can blame him.. needing to collaborating with everyone else so often he receives great satisfaction if he has time to focus on one project and finish it to the end. He believes in the statement: little is much if God is in it!


Mateusz is the guy you don’t want do go on a hike with, seriously, anybody who survives the journey will always remember the hikes with Mateusz by the end of the day you will fall a sleep before touching the pillow. What would we do if we would not have his wisdom for computer knowledge, always ready to help when in need .   


(don't be affright to go on a Hike with him! )  

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Edwin is a outdoors person with a vivid imagination which comes handy for his line of work, graphically talented his skills and talents are a needed asset. He is truly a man of few words but his work show a bright mind behind the videos he creates. 

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In the beginning Dorin was a big help to start such a big undertaking to get things moving and help with all the Technical Know-How and his many years experience in video Editing were helping many times to solve a problem. Even now if we stuck we know whom to call and ask for guidance.


If the work piles up its nice to go outside and just get the mind of things for a while, Kyla is just the Brake time everybody benefits from, its truly a win win scenario, she brings anybody alive with her ethusiastic joy for playing. If it wasent for her Playfull Distraction during a busy working day we would be much farther behind production due to excaustion, thank you Kyla

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