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Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Did you know that exposure to the electrical fields generated by cellular phones and other devices can cause serious health problems?

EMF, or ElectroMagnetic Field, is a very broad term that applies to a variety of energy fields including those that are magnetic, electrical, or radiated from television, radio, and other devices. Although at one time a controversial subject, it is now recognized that continued exposure to EMFs can cause numerous health problems from headaches and dizziness to leukemia and various cancers.DNA structure, cell membrane permeability, iron levels required for healthy blood, and many biochemical processes are affected by EMFs.

Many household goods produce EMFs, including vacuum cleaners and clothes dryers. However, cell towers, cell phones, and Bluetooth devices are particularly dangerous emitters of EMFs.

Recent studies have shown an alarming increase in auditory nerve and brain tumors associated with the use of cellular phones. The best way to protect yourself is to be cognizant of daily EMF exposure. Avoid living near high voltage transmission lines or transformers. Limit the use of motorized electronic devices as much as possible. And, most importantly, always use the speakerphone on your mobile devices while holding them at least a foot or more away from your body. So-called EMF-reducing technology does not really work.


Arnie Suntag

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1 commentaire

Ben Jones
Ben Jones
15 avr. 2023

that is objectively false. Brain tumor rates have either dropped or stayed the same since 1996 when the usage of mobile phones increased drastically. If it were true, you would expect a massive increase in brain tumor rates.

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